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Express Yourself

This is my entry for TRUST. This is actually my third attempt. My first idea was OK, but it refused to flow on paper. The second try was almost done when I read back and it seemed dumb. So here's take three. Please feel free to comment on poor grammar or bad spelling. If you just want to say you like it, that's fine, too :P

Julie managed to contain herself until she was safely locked away in a toilet stall. Then her sorrow erupted and she burst into tears. Shoulders shaking with sobs, she tore off the locket she wore around her neck. With trembling fingers she opened the clasp and gave the photo inside a hard look.


There she was, all dolled up, with Henry standing next to her in his tuxedo. They’d had their photo taken at the Valentine’s Day dance, so many months ago. Suddenly the image blurred, and then a fat tear splashed on the smiling couple, reminding Julie of what was really happening. With a cry of rage, she threw the locket into the toilet and flushed. As the chain disappeared, Julie was shaken by a fresh round of sobs.


She sat on the toilet seat and wrapped her arms around her legs, body shaking. All her life she had trusted people, and they had all let her down. First her grandparents, who had promised they’d be there forever and then they’d died. Her dad, who said he loved her, said he loved her mom, but had left them for another woman. Julie’s mom, who had given up on life when her daughter needed her the most. And finally Henry. Julie had believed that they had something lasting between them, but he had just broken up with her. For that skanky senior, Amanda.


The sadness left Julie, and it was replaced by anger. She was done with trust. Hands still shaking, she unzipped her purse and pulled out a cigarette and a lighter. She didn’t usually smoke, but she liked to keep one on her for times like this.


She had just produced a flame when she heard the door open. Panicked, she stuffed the cigarette and lighter back in her purse. It might be a teacher, though it was probably Amanda coming to flaunt. Julie stood cautiously, wiping her face and hoping her makeup hadn’t smeared. The door of the toilet stall squeaked a bit as it opened.


It wasn’t Amanda who stood at the sinks, though. It was Kirby, a girl who had been Julie’s friend several years ago. They hadn’t really talked since Kirby got religion, though. The two girls looked at each other for a minute before Julie abruptly turned to the mirror and checked her hair.


Kirby leaned on the counter. “I heard about Henry. I understand how you feel, Julie.”


Julie snorted. “Yeah, since you’ve had so many boyfriends before.”


The other girl looked hurt, but approached Julie. “You’re tired of being let down by all your loved ones. You need someone to trust.” Julie was slightly creeped out, but let Kirby finish. “I know someone you can put your trust in. His name is Jesus.” Kirby ignored the eyeroll. “You can ask him to be with you.”


Julie held Kirby’s gaze for a moment before turning to leave. “Maybe I will,” she stated, noting Kirby’s grin. Just before she closed the door behind her, she paused and added, “Then again, maybe I won’t.”